The Impact Prison Has On Children

Cheyenne Pruitt, writer

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A lot of kids experience a childhood full of sirens and flashing lights. These kids don’t get to experience the same childhood as many of their friends may. That can have major impacts on the way the child views most things and may even affect things in the child’s life, school work, health, and friendships.

Things like visiting your loved one can take up social time with friends and can also affect the way kids make friends and possibly keep them. Some children may not feel comfortable being friends with someone whose loved one is or has been in prison. Some kids may even end up making fun of the child because their loved one isn’t home like their’s.

My sister, Leah Foley, high school student, said, other kids would make fun of her and say that since her parent was in prison, that meant she was going to go eventually too.

Some children may feel like they have missed out on a “normal” childhood since they haven’t been able to do half the things other kids get to do. This may affect the way kids feel or the way other people may view them.

A family member, Mallory Ford, said her loved one has had to miss out on going on field trips or partaking in activities because of their time spent in prison.

Having a loved one in prison could change the way the child thinks and feels about certain things. The child may feel like he or she is the reason for it, or that they had something to do with it. Some situations may eventually lead to the child ending up in the same place, which isn’t okay.

Having a loved one in prison has many impacts on a child’s life or lifestyle and possibly their future. If the child is really young, they may not go through the same changes and feel the same thing as an older child would. The child has to find a way to cope with them not being there and try to find ways to make sure that they don’t get seriously impacted.

Leah Foley said, “I believe the biggest impact on a child is their parent not being there to see their progress and to see them grow but that’s not the child’s fault.”

Some people say that it is perfectly fine for children to experience a childhood full of situations like this, others say it is nowhere near okay. Just because it’s not okay or right for a child to experience it or have it be apart of their childhood, doesn’t mean it’s not normal or they’re the only ones that are going through it

Mallory Ford said it’s not okay to experience it but if you have or are going through it, it’s okay because you aren’t the only ones. There are always people that are going to be in the same boat one way or another.

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2 Responses to “The Impact Prison Has On Children”

  1. Kailey Martinez on May 30th, 2018 1:05 pm

    This is so true! People especially children shouldn’t be judged upon based on what their family member has done. A kid who has someone in prison is usually going through a rough time and they don’t need someone else to make it harder for them. I like how this article is written. Good job!

  2. Lindsey Gaffney on May 30th, 2018 2:49 pm

    I love your article! a lot of good information on what these kids go through! i think this could help others going through similar situations!

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The Impact Prison Has On Children