Should teachers have guns?

Cheyenne Fitzsimon, writer

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If teachers had guns, how would a student feel safe knowing their teacher could kill them? People make mistakes and have bad days and allowing them to have guns could injure the lives of innocent children.

I do not believe teachers should have access to guns at school. Due to them being people who could have anger issues or they could use the gun wrongly. If a teacher had a gun at school you are risking the lives of many children who could get shot by someone they are supposed to trust. Children sometimes frustrate teachers which could lead them to being upset and wanting to harm someone. Students do not know the teachers home life or personality that well so how are the students supposed to trust them?


“If they decide to go crazy I’m not trying to die because they could kill us,”  said Jakob Foderaro, 8th grade boy.


Some people have different opinions about this subject like how it’s good for teachers to have guns. Well what I see positive about it is that if an intruder came into the classroom the teacher could defend the students and themselves.


“If they weren’t crazy and someone was there they could kill someone before they could kill us,”said Jakob Foderaro.


How would you feel knowing your teacher had a gun and could possibly hurt you, you probably would be nervous to be around them or talk to them. Parents would probably not feel comfortable taking their kids to school. Parents would most likely want more police around to keep an eye out on the teachers. And some parents may not allow their kids go to school.


“I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking any of my kids to school, since i don’t know if the teacher would be responsible enough to have a gun,” said by Chelsea Romines, Corbett parent.

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  1. anomynous on May 30th, 2018 2:37 pm

    wow great job! this is fantastic i completely agree with you, WOW we are so much alike!

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Should teachers have guns?