Students’ Opinions on Cheating

Leo Arango

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Cheating is a common problem in the modern day and some girls and guy just don’t understand why. It has become a problem to where most people have cheated at least once or maybe twice which is tough. And now everyone is worried if they will get cheated on.


      Cheating is when your unloyal to your wife or girlfriend or to your husband or boyfriend physically or just talking to a different women the way you would talk to your wife or girlfriend. Cheating can be when you say you love another women when you have a female. Or when you flirt or are all up on another male or female.


     Lindsey said, “Cheating is when you’re saying committed but secretly going to someone else.”


      Now why do people cheat? People cheat for a lot of reasons. like if they are unhappy or if they don’t get attention or affection from there girlfriend or wife. Or because they simply just don’t care they just want or like to cheat.


       Lindsey said “they get bored” Rylee also said “They dont stay committed to one person and                                                                                            lose feelings.”


But can a relationship be fixed after being cheated on. Most of the time not because your wife or girlfriend will always worry if you’re gonna do it again.   


      Rylee said, “ I dont think so because you shouldn’t waste your time with them after what they did.” Lindsey  also said “Most of the time no because they lost trust.”


 It can go both ways if y’all can talk and out it behind you then sure. But most of the time that will ruin the trust between y’all and if they don’t trust you then your relationship is going to suck for both of you.

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  1. Gerrian on May 30th, 2018 2:38 pm

    Good job

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Students’ Opinions on Cheating