School, Socializing, and Schedules

The Three S’s of Stress

Alayna Barrera, Writer

Many students today are stressed out, to be specific..stressed about school. So many students these days are so affected by the stress that comes from school, that they have no motivation to actually come to school. This can cause an increase in absence at school, for example skipping classes. This could potentially lead to skipping other things such as family time or social events [distancing themselves].  

“Sometimes, I skip meals, because I want to finish assignments. I never have any free time anymore, because of all the assignments I have to complete!” says Kattie Nguyen, seventh grader at Corbett Jr. High.

Some causes of stress could potentially be homework overload, busy schedules, peer pressure, image concern such as being judged on social media by your peers at school, or even financial worries like not being able to afford the “style” that’s in at the school.

“Due dates stress me out the most, because it always seems like you have more time than you think!”says Kattie Nguyen.

“Yes, they [due dates, tests, assignments,etc.] do cause me stress, because I tend to procrastinate often..” “It [stress] obviously affects my stress levels, and gives me really bad anxiety, because I’m constantly worried about one due date after the next,” said Madyson De Los Santos, an eleventh grader attending Veterans Memorial High School.

Some tips and tricks to cope with stress are making time to relax, take a nap every once in a while. Take baby steps on your work, do not try to take on all of your work at once. Do not slack off! Try to complete things as soon as you can, because waiting to complete tasks last minute, could cause you stress thinking about , “I need to get this done asap!” Try to be organized from the start, and listen to your favorite music or maybe play with your pet, if you have one, to calm down. It is actually proven that pets can be a huge stress reliever.

“I sleep, and that kind of takes the stress away, but other than that I don’t really do anything but make jokes about it.” said Kattie Nguyen.

“I like to work, [to cope with stress] because it’s something I can manage, and sleeping I just don’t have to think about anything.” says Madyson De Los Santos.

Setting goals can help a lot by making small steps to complete and achieve, as well as time management. Giving everything a time limit or putting it on a time schedule like a to-do list can help your stay on track.

“There comes a time where you have to have a limit within your work. And you have to put yourself before that.” said Kattie Nguyen.

“Don’t procrastinate, find out a way of studying that works for you, and don’t take on more than you think you can handle!” said Madyson De Los Santos.