Divorce hurts, but you have to handle it in your own way

Devon DelGrego, writer

When parents get divorced, it hurts, doesn’t it? That is exactly what happened to two Corbett students Kiley Leggett and Mackenzie Suarez.


Kiley Leggett, a seventh grader, told me that her parents got divorced… and that is what gave me the idea to write this article that you are reading right now.


Divorce can either tear you down or make you stronger. People handle it in different ways. Kiley said “not much difference, it was very hard but it went away with time”.


Divorce affects students in many diffeernt ways. Divorce can have both physical and mental effects on children. Children who get caught up in their parents divorce are likely to suffer greater stresses than those who do not become involved. Divorce is difficult and painful for everyone involved, especially kids.

“I just stayed with my mom and let it pass,” said Leggett.


Many of the 1.5 million children in the U.S. whose parents divorce every year feel as if their worlds are falling apart. Yet, parents who split have reasons for hope. Researchers have found that only a small portion of children experience serious problems in the whole divorce situation.  “It was rough but I got over it with my mom” said Leggett


Divorce stinks but if it has to end, let it. If your parents are getting a divorce it’s probably for the best. Just remember that your parents are most likely happier divorced .