Dress code unfair, targets girls

Alizabeth Valle, Writer

According to school rules here and across America, clothes that are  “revealing” or “a distraction” should not be allowed in school. However, some say that dress code is unfair and biased, targeting mostly girls.


“It’s the little things we get dress coded for,” said seventh grade student, Nevaeh Prall.


Rules such as shorts being three inches above the knee, the three finger rule for sleeves, leggings must be covered by a shirt or dress, no rips in jeans, are some rules that most girls find unfair when all they want to do is be comfortable.

Most rules are strictly enforced because some say it’s “a distraction for boys” but, boys at Corbett Jr. High claim that they don’t care what girls wear.


The majority of boys also say that dress code isn’t reasonable because the way someone dresses never has distracted them from their learning.


“Limiting people to their clothing is [unnecessary],” said Larry Tisdale, a seventh grade student.  


Some dress codes rules are  necessary; however, because most people don’t want to see other’s behinds or undergarments, and clothes that are  too revealing can be considered as going a little too far.


“The way you dress can be a form of how others will perceive you,” said Mrs. Teske, a seventh grade math teacher.


Coach Barnes, a coach/seventh grade teacher, included that dress code is reasonable “because when you get older, jobs have dress codes.”


Overall, students and teachers are divided in their opinions of the dress code rules. But since dress code affects students more than teachers, and more students agree that dress code rules are too strict,maybe it’s time to change the narrative.