Keshawn Malone, Writer



Have you ever thought of what goes on with teens at school and at home? Now think about 8% of those teens that are either bi, gay, lesbian, or anything part of the LGBTQ+ community, how do you think their lives are different?


The LGBTQ+ community is “A group of people that stand together like a community” says Alexa Riojas. A strong community of independent people with some people who don’t care what people say, but some of the effects are terrible.


As some parents don’t mind it, some do and they “torture their kids over it” says Alizabeth Valle. Over facts though it is mostly religious parents who shun their own child.  Though there are other ways they shun their kid. They can force them to move out, ban them from having same sex friends, and many cruel things over this on decision.


The other percent of parents are actually are supportive or laid back by this. Parents that are supportive “understand where they are coming from and appreciate that they’re different” says Alexa Riojas. With these kind of parents this is what makes the LGBT Q community stronger and “grow to greater things” says both Alexa Riojas and Alizabeth Valle.


This school has a GSA where it is a “safe place for people to support each other (in the LGBTQ community) and make people feel like they’re not alone. The people in the  GSA are there to support and to comfort people.