Athletic Injuries Put Risk on Students

Trace Furlong, Writer

You’re running and then, OW! Now you’re off to get a brace or a cast. But it’s okay, this won’t be a permanent thing luckily. You would get it off later and then you would be free at last to do whatever you want again.


Sometimes injuries can be hard for that person or that person’s parents, emotional usually. It may be sad but it won’t last forever.


“ I was in shock and my parents were both in tears because it was the first time that it’s ever happened in my family,” said Braden Avington, a seventh-grader, who snapped his forearm when he was playing football and landed on his forearm.


Even though some people get an injury, they would still love to go back to that sport. Maybe you just love hitting the baseball or getting the winning touchdown and want to go back, regardless of the injury.


“ I am going back to football because it’s my favorite sport despite the break,” said Braden Avington.


Of course, with the break you aren’t capable of doing some things. This can make things difficult with only using one hand and can make you a lot slower at doing everyday things, like getting dressed or using the restroom.   


 “ I snapped my forearm and it’s hard to shower and write with my left arm because I’m right handed,” said Braden Avington.