Are prison like schools to blame for school shootings?

Kenneth Raimondi, Writer

School shootings are becoming more and more frequent as the years go by, just as schools are getting bigger and bigger and full of more and more students. However,  does this mean that bigger schools are a problem? Since schools are becoming bigger, more students are filling the halls and classrooms. This causes already depressed kids to feel even more like they’re insignificant.


“Honestly, sometimes I do,” says Scout, a seventh grader, when asked if she felt insignificant in a school of so many.


It’s not just that schools are getting bigger and more crowded, it’s that they are becoming more like prisons than safe accepting learning environments (One school currently being built is actually using the blueprints of a prison.)  The students are treated like prisoners.


“Yeah, I don’t feel like the teachers or students care about me,” says Ke’Shawn Malone,  seventh grader, “The students are just so rude, and sometimes heartless. The teachers, they’re just there. Not nice,  not mean, just… there.”


This is having an effect on students, causing them to lash out. A way we could fix this feeling of being insignificant and being not cared for is by making smaller schools, and filling them with less people. This could solve the feeling of being insignificant, and once that feeling is gone, we just have to be there for the students who feel like no one cares about them.

Because in the end of the day, it’s the students that matter.