Can gaming affect or change students?

Cesar Garza, writer

Games can be distracting in all types of ways. Students can be distracted by playing too much and forgetting to do homework, or it could get them grounded for forgetting to do chores.


Most kids would rather play video games online with friends instead of doing homework. Some kids can make a mistake of playing all day until 10pm and forget they have a big project due the next day, and they stay up all night.


“It’s just like watching tv or reading a book or playing sports, it’s just a hobby that people really enjoy,”  said Dominick Robinson, Eighth Grade Athlete.


Gaming is very addicting even to some adults that record videos of themselves playing games to gain money. On average, teens spend 6.3 hours per week playing games.


“ Well first of all, all kids aren’t addicted to videogames,It’s just like a hobby to them,” said Dominick Robinson Eighth grade athlete.


Parents should make a gaming schedule for their kids to play, like maybe only on the weekends, or only one hour a day.


“It all depends, students can play during the week but they should be limited so they don’t stay all day playing and forget about school,” said Noah Ellis eighth Grade Corbett Jr High Student.