Inside the minds of incoming seventh graders

Nina Delgado, Writer

   Have you ever been nervous for the first day of school? Do you wonder what’s going through a new student’s mind? Every year there’s new incoming seventh graders, but how do feel, exactly?


   Generally 8th graders aren’t that nervous for the first day of school because they’ve already been through the routine, unless they’re new . But for new seventh graders, they are most likely extra nervous to come to school. Most fears of incoming students are getting lost in the new school or not getting to see any of their friends. What was your biggest fear on the first day of school?


    Tiffany Castillo, a seventh grade girl said, “She was afraid of getting lost and not knowing where to go and what to do.”


    Doing a sport can be hard to keep up with, but doing a sport and maintaining good grades is harder. If you try out for any sport, joining it has big responsibilities. Keeping up with your work is the number one priority while being a student athlete. Do you think it’s harder to keep up with grades and work while sports are going on?


      Able Ovalle, a seventh grade boy said, ”Yes because it puts pressure on me.”


     The differences between intermediate and junior high are pretty big. First off you’re going to a much bigger school with a lot more freedom and a lot more responsibilities, which makes you become more aware of what’s going on. Secondly another difference in junior high is that you have more teachers and more classes to go.


    Castillo said, ” The biggest difference would be the classes and how we move and where we really go.”