People need to know teachers need to make more money

Madison Lagasse, Writer

Sometimes you see or hear the news talking about teacher’s pay but most people don’t see what the average teacher does. Most people don’t have the prior knowledge about teachers’ pay and make judgments about it, which is a problem.


In the U.S today teachers aren’t getting paid what they should be. In the classroom, some teachers work hard and care about their students and the kids learning. Others don’t want to be there and that’s not fair because some work there for two years and don’t do anything and the ones who worked there two years also and care about teaching they get paid the same.     


“Teachers should be compensated based on the amount of education and training they have done, and not based on how many years they have taught,” said Melissa LaGasse, kinder teacher.  


The pay around the United States for teachers is based on how many years they work and what state you live in. Some teachers that stay after school care about getting prepared for the next day, though teachers don’t get paid for being prepared and thats sad because they care and want their kids to learn.


“I feel teachers do not get paid enough money for everything they are responsible for. They keep raising expectations without raising our pay or fighting for better benefits,” said LaGasse.


The pay is important because in some states they don’t get paid enough to pay all their bills and pay for things in everyday life. All teachers around the U.S. should be able to live off that money for a month and it’s important to the teachers that they are doing a good job. If you don’t care then why are you teaching.


“You definitely have to be on a budget because you get paid monthly. And there isn’t any overtime unless you do like a paid tutoring or work another job,” said LaGasse.