Meet in the Middle club helps everybody

Kaitlynn Hallett, writer


To help ALE students, students at Corbett Jr. High.are going every first and third Tuesday of the month to go to Meet in the Middle club.


This helps the teacher, ALE student,and the club member. This helps the teacher in a lot of ways one reason is if the teacher is busy the student can help the other people who needs help.Students, for example, can help by helping a kid with their work or they do what the kid needs done.They can also just sit by and watch and help if need be.This helps the ALE student by helping them fit in and feel comfortable about being with other people.This helps the club member by getting them out of their comfort zone.


“They love to talk to the Meet in the Middle students because they feel accepted by their peers,” said Sandy Childress, ALE teacher.


The club meets every first and third Tuesday of the month.Students usually go during their pride,but they can go whenever they want as long as the teacher writes a pass and says you can go.When you usually go into the classroom you pick a student and work with them with whatever they are working on.


“I get to go help every day during pride,”said Maya Clark,7th grade,student.


Students like the club because it is fun and you can go whenever you want if your teacher says so. Students usually join this club because they want to try something new or they did it in the years before and enjoyed it so they join it again.Students also enjoy this club because they make a lot of new friends.


“To do something new and to help with special needs,”said Maya Clark,7th grade,student.