Stalkers on social media pose as dangers

Leila Ciaravino, Writer

Stalkers on social media pose as dangers.


A lot of children have social media, but it can lead to bad things such as stalkers.


Stalkers can be very scary, especially on social media. They can be scary because they can see everything that you look up and they have your personal information that they shouldn’t know.


“I think stalkers are scary and that’s why I don’t let my child have social media. There is a lot of scary people that don’t belong,” said Bethany Ciaravino, (a Corbett parent).


Students are especially in danger because, they always go on social media and its pretty easy for them to get stalked since they use it a lot. Not only do children use it a lot, but often times they use it irresponsibly and don’t realize how seriously dangerous it can be.


“I feel that if a student was being stalked it would affect their learning just like if anything serious happened like that it would affect them,” said Mrs.Moore eighth grade LA teacher.


One way to protect your privacy is to make your accounts private so that nobody random can follow you. Also, don’t put your full name or your personal information on your accounts.


“Stay off of open wifis, only accept friend requests from people you know, change passwords, and don’t chat with people you don’t know,” said Bethany Ciaravino.