Is peer pressure taking over schools?

Parker Gorman, writer


Most of us have once felt a type of peer pressure,and most of us can say it mostly happens in schools.


Peer pressure has a huge effect on students. Especially in the past few years. For example, sometimes people ask others to copy their homework, and it can be hard to say no because it may be the “cool”thing to do,or, people may be doing drugs and you want to be “cool” so you join in.


“Peer Pressure has always happened in school. It has stayed the same,” said Mrs Teske.


Sometimes the people close to you can be guilty of peer pressure you. For example some friends might ask you to sneak out in the middle of the night. Just remember if your friends is asking you to do stuff like that, are they really your friend?


“Yes,one of my “friends” made me skip class and we got caught,” said a 7th grader girl.

A lot of people see peer pressure every day. What do people do about it? Let’s say you see a person about to say yes to something you know is wrong what is your first reaction. Is it to help her/him, say no, or to keep walking?


“Yes i tried to help the student not to do anything bad/convince them to no feel pressured, said a 7th grade girl.