School Shooting on the Rise, People Question Arming Teachers

Miah Carrasco, Writer

We have many school shootings, in fact the number of school shootings have greatly increased over the years. An example of a recent major school shooting was at Parkland, Florida when 17 people were reported dead and more than 2 dozen reported injured. Many people have different ideas as to why so many school shooting are happening.


“If we ALL (kids, staff, parents) work together to keep the school safe with the saying  “if you see something, say something” and help identify suspicious activities, I think it could help,” says Mrs.Love, seventh grade teacher.


I believe we also can all agree that all the recent school shootings has put all of us on alert and now we all have different opinions about how to protect more students, an example of a popular opinion, is arming teachers. Some people say it would be dangerous and all that would is put more guns in the reach of everyone, some say it’d be a good thing for extra defense.


“You tell me? Would you like some of your crazy teachers to have a gun?” says Coach Barnes, seventh grade teacher and coach.


Mrs.Love said she wouldn’t feel comfortable with a gun in her possession.


There are lots of ways the government and schools can help prevent these mass shootings from happening. Some citizens say the government could do a lot more to help, the ways citizens say they can help though, vary. An example of helping could be more gun control laws.


“Firearms education for all students. This will help young people to know the difference between “real” and video games. Also more identification of mental disease and treatment.” says Coach Barnes, 7th grade teacher.