Is divorce running through your family?

Kiley Leggett, writer

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Divorce affects families all around you today. Many kids don’t care what goes on, but the ones that do are hurt.

Hunter, an 8 year old boy who has had his mom go through a divorce, said, “ I was confused and it was always in my head during class, so my grades were getting worse.”

Divorce is rough for some people, sometimes all you can do is help and just be there for them for comfort. You can’t judge them for how they act during this period.

Kristina, a mom and wife who has gone through a divorce, said, “Hang in there, it’s tough but it will get better.” She says that to all mothers who don’t believe they can get through it. Even she has had self doubt.

People in families all have a part in the situation; the kids are sadly the most victimized. The parent who doesn’t agree with the divorce or is having trouble with it sometimes takes their anger out on the child.

Hunter said,“I was taken out by the man because he abused me. I tried to stay away but he always found and hurt me.” He didn’t know what to do. Even the mothers get hurt. Kristina said she loved the man but he was hurting the kids and her so she had to get out of the situation.

Kids understand what happens. Parents act like their kid is clueless, but they know and understand. Children want to help and be there, but the parents don’t want them to be because it is “Grown-up stuff.”

Hunter the 8-year old said,”He was mean to my mom and was rude to us, I saw what he did to my mom.”

Families in divorces need help, just support them and help. People are causing stress in relationships all around. Make sure you really love the person you are saying you want to commit to.


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