Talents and Hobbies: Madsen and Grumbles

Alyssa Dusbabek, Writer

Music fills the room and sets a peaceful atmosphere, while you faintly hear the splash, splash of hands slapping the water. These are the hobbies and talents of two students.

  Everyone has hobbies, whether it’s singing, dancing, making people laugh or whether you can do the clover trick with your tongue. Grace Madsen’s favorite hobby is to play the piano.

  Madsen says that she has been playing the piano for nearly five years. “I started taking interest in piano playing because my family plays, so it came naturally to me that I should play too.”

  “For those who are struggling to find their talent,” starts Madsen, “ I suggest that you should just find something you already have an interest for stick to it, and practice like a maniac.”

  For some, their hobby that turned into a talent is dancing when they are younger but as they grow, dancing turns into talent that is worthy of showing off to others. Reaganne Grumbles takes pride in her swimming.

  “No talent is easy to learn,” said Reaganne Grumbles “It’s something we have to learn and grow on.” Grumbles said she started swimming just for fun when she was about ten and now considers being on the swim team next year at Clemens.

  When asked what advice Grumbles had for those who haven’t found their hobby yet, she said, “I’ve been there, trust me. Seeing my brothers getting applauded by my parents. I feel like I can’t do anything all the time, but just let God open that door for you when it’s time because when it is time you’ll find it don’t worry.”

  For many people, their talent or hobby can turn into a job. For example, if you enjoy helping animals while you’re younger, you might want to become a vet as you get older.

  “If I work hard enough and try my best to get better, maybe I can try for a career but personally, I think I have a long way to go,” Grumbles say about the subject.

  Meanwhile Madsen says she definitely considers being a pianist in the future.

  “There are many jobs that I feel include playing the piano and this is something I know I want to do for the future,” she said.