XXXTentacion Connected With Fans Through His Music

Makayla Campa, writer

On June 18, 2018 rapper , XXXTentacion was shot when leaving a motorcycle dealership in Deerfield Beach , Florida  

Most of his fans felt connected with him through his music about depression and suicide.

“In most of his music he talks about his experience with depression and suicide. For example in his song Jocelyn Flores he talks about a girl he knew committing suicide and  when he was younger he walked in on his uncle about to commit suicide,”said Casey Jacinto , an eighth grader.

It is unfair that every time someone talks about XXXTentacion they have to bring up his past, when he was working on spreading  positivity in his recent life.

“ One example of him spreading positivity was in his helping hand challenge where he gave to poor kids. Another way you can tell he was changing in a good way is if you compare his old music to his new music.  He went from talking about the typical rapper stuff to explaining all of his emotions in less than a year,” said Casey Jacinto.

Shortly after his death, his mom revealed he has a baby on the way.When his mom released the news, his fans were happy that a baby Jah was on the way but sad that Jahseh (XXXTentacion) is not here to care for his baby.

“When I went on instagram and saw the picture of the ultrasound with the caption he left us one final gift on his moms account, I broke down,” said Casey Jacinto.