How Dogs Can Help Humans

Lauren Bosch, Writer

If you you’ve ever had a dog or do have one, we can all agree that they would do anything for us. How can having a dog affect your life?


Dogs are a big responsibility for us to take care of, but they can actually affect our day and health. They can even make us feel happy again and maybe get us fit. You may even feel better about yourself. They may cure your depression, anxiety, or even stress.


“It gets you outside and throwing the ball but it really depends on how active your dog is,” said Samantha from Polly’s Pet Shop, pet store.


Dogs are a good source of help for people with disabilities and mental health, and they are a main source of caring for people. They can notify a person nearby that their owner is hurt in a friendly way. Dogs have a better sense for bad things, such as a dog guarding its owner from a burglar because they can sense that its owner is in danger.


”I would think so because they can lead you and dogs are really protective over the slightest things,” said Kylie Bristow, 7th grader.


Kids can learn a lot from having a dog. Depending on a dog’s personality, they can maybe mature and show younger kids how to act. Maybe even show how to take care of someone else or something. They show good character and are loveable pets.


“You would want to teach your kid responsibility because they do have to be loved, cleaned, held, fed, and have water most of the time so it would be great for that.”said Samantha from Polly’s Pet Shop, pet store.