Social Media Takes Over

Janae Bartlett, writer

Social Media is heavily used by adults and kids everywhere. Whether it’s looking at memes or photos of famous people, there are lots of advantages and disadvantages that come with this access.


There are a couple of advantages of social media, like keeping in touch with family and friends that live far away, cooking channels to help you out, or even to laugh at a harmless photo,video, Also some apps let you comment, so you can make friends online.   


“I think it’s a great way to connect with your friends and family,” said a seventh grade female.


There may be a couple of advantages, but there are many many more disadvantages. Like many people get insecure from seeing pictures of people they think are way more “attractive” than them. Also there are creeps on social media the catfish kids and adults and trick them.


“I think a big disadvantage of social media includes ironically getting that same news expedited doesn’t mean it’s correct! I find that people will “post” things when they should be helping their fellow man,” said a Corbett parent.


Lastly Social media can take over someone’s life. The average person spends about 9 hours a day. That may seem like a long time and it is kind of, but while on social media people tend to lose track of time. When they see the time hours later, they usually say they didn’t think they were on that long.


“I’m on social media for 1-2 hours at the least, and 5-7 at the most,” said a seventh grade female.