Social media comes with many pros and cons.

Gilbert Lopez, Writer

Social Media is one of the biggest things in our generation. A Stat here would be beneficial examples how long people spend on social media or how much a person post each day, etc.


Social media has positives like: it can keep you in touch with everything going on in the world, like the news and local events happening in your area. It can help you keep in touch with your friend. You could use it to be a voice in society. It could make you more creative and give you more social skills.


“Social Media is good for socializing and keeping in touch with everything,” said a high school teenager.


But it also has some negatives like you could get cyber bullied/harassed and it could make you depressed or something like that because people act different on the internet. You could get less rest if you get addicted too much.


“Social Media is also is one of the biggest reason why cyber-bullying exist,” said a High Schooler.


Here is tips on how to use social media properly includes simple stuff like not giving out any private information like your address or personal stuff. Make sure to watch out before you post anything harmful and make sure it doesn’t consume your life too much.


“Don’t post anything you will regret posting on social media, It’ll ruin your life and will never leave your name,” said a Teenage high schooler.