Difficulties of being LGBTQ+ doesn’t stop people from being themselves

Tanner Infantino, writer

Students all over the country struggle with sexuality and most believe they shouldn’t, as it’s not their fault they happen to be something other than hetero. Student life is difficult as an LGBT but some cope and have managed to tell us their stories.


While the LGBTQ+ community is growing that doesn’t stop them from facing struggles, such difficulties with parents, bullying, homophobia, teachers, and plenty of other things which make life worse.


“People don’t respect LGBTQ’s and I’ve been made fun of a lot,’’ said a seventh grade LGBT member.


Students believe that if a teacher knows a student is not hetorosexual the teacher treats them differently. This goes for students as well LGBT’s get singled out for being themselves. Situations have arisen in which students have been bullied and teachers don’t pay attention, and while these students may say it’s just playing around, this is nothing more than a façade which teachers (being trained professionals for kids) should be able to see through.


“Yes I believe LGBT’s are singled out by teachers and students,” said another student from the LGBTQ+ community


We have taken significant steps towards equality, such as nonbinary bathrooms, the gay straight alliance and other things, which some students say is perfect, but some have the opinion that they are far from perfect.


“I haven’t done any research, but yeah. I think the reason for this is because more people that are “in the closet” are realizing it’s safe to come out. It’s more accepted these days. (Which is of course wonderful.)” said Scout Hooper, an ally to the LGBT community

Another student says that they believe students using that will be singled out even more for just trying to be comfortable with themselves due to so little wanting to go out there, they want to “fit in” but they should feel comfortable and be able to feel safe that they are them and nobody should hate them for it.