Understanding Dogs

Liliana Hernandez, Writter

Understanding dogs is a complicated thing, but it is an important task if you own one or are around them.


People think of their dogs differently than others. For some people behavior is an important thing and they take it very seriously. You should love your dogs no matter what because they have a lot of feelings. And they love you too. So, what do you think about your dogs?

“ Well, I love them! Harley has a personality as a little baby. And Honda is like a grumpy old lady, but I still love them,” said a Corbett Parent.


Behavior is an important thing, one thing you need to know is that they have emotions too. But some dogs react to things differently, like to children or other dogs. And if they do something bad and it’s not that big of a deal, then you shouldn’t put them in the crate. You should treat them nicely, always.

“ Harley hates kids, and other female dogs, I don’t know why, she just does! Honda likes kids, probably because they give her attention, and she doesn’t care that much about other dogs,” said a Corbett Parent.


Some people think that dogs are scary or dangerous just by their physical appearance. Usually if you get to know them better, you will finally understand them and they will finally understand you. Take pitbulls, for example. Many people think that they will bite you if you get too close, but it depends on their background or the environment they have been in. They may actually be the sweetest thing you’ve ever met! And you could end up being their best friend until the end of time!

“ Of course I think understanding dogs is important! I would really like to know what they’re thinking,” said a Corbett Parent.