Corbett Bell Terrorize Students

Jayda Reece, Writer


Many teachers are noticing students showing up late to their class. How can this be fixed? What might help this issue?


Being late to class can be annoying to the teacher and to  the student that is late.The majority of students stress about being late or get annoyed when a teacher asks why they are late. The four minute bell schedule may have something to do with this stress.


“Sometimes, I need to go to the restroom and when I do go, I’m counted late in my next class,” says eighth grade student Kendall Wright.


Corbett Jr.High is one big school, and getting from place to place can be difficult especially since the halls are always crowded.


“ Four minutes is more than enough time, I can walk from my classroom to the locker room with time to  spare,” states Coach Davis, an eighth-grade Social Studies teacher.


Some students are late because they talk, walk slow or stall. Others are trying to get to their class on time, but the ones talking in the halls and walking, slows down the one  in a rush.


“I’ve been late because I was either across the school, walking slow, or just goofing off, ”says Wright.


To be in class on time, students must head to their class without stopping in the halls to talk., To help kids be on time,maybe the principal can take one minute off the previous class to give  minutes to the students, but some teacher disagree.


Coach Davis  says “ I think four minutes is more than a reasonable amount of time. I had less time when I was a student so I would be happy with the time the students are given.”