Should Corbett Junior High have a swim team?

Nathan Richardson, Writer

Swimming, an athletic sport featured in high honor sporting events such as the Olympics. It’s a great life skill to have and can promote fitness. Even schools want a piece of the sport, making swim teams to support their school, such as Clemens or Steele. But, if its so popular, and a way of fitness, then why doesn’t Corbett have their own swim team?

Many high schools, including Clemens and Steele, have swim teams. If Junior High is about preparing us for the future, and we have other athletic teams, then we could have a swim team depending on the effect on others or if we have the resources to do and manage a swim team.

“I think swim teams are a good addition to the school because it’s a good life skill to swim and also fitness,” comments eighth grader Ethan Munoz, who has been taking swim lessons for 10 years.

Considering the amount of sports teams Corbett already has, and how expensive it is to manage a pool, money wise and time wise, then it would be apparent that Corbett does not have the resources to create something. It could be 3,000 to 5,000 per year to manage a pool, unless we could use the public pools, which are mostly taken by other teams.

“The reason we probably don’t have a swim team is because its not like Dobie and Corbett have a swimming pool  and we can use Clemens but they have their own swim team too,” Munoz adds.

Another important fact that could affect the school is how it would affect students. It would likely affect students the same way that students on the football team are affected, such as focusing on swim team rather than classes, or the opposite way. Another affect could be that students would get more involved in school activities because they could have something they could enjoy and participate in. In addition, there is the possibility of becoming more social now that you have teammates you can talk to and maybe become friends with others on the team.

“It would boost self esteem and maybe bond friendship,” Munoz said.