School athletes struggle with grades and health

Sophia Carrillo, writer

Being a athlete at school sounds like it is easy and just fun but really it is hard to be an athlete and still have to go to school.

    Many Athletes that play a sport inside of school have the struggle of keeping their grades up to play on the team and at the same time they have to perform their best at both games and practices. This can give them a hard time to fit things in such as studying and homework in between both activities.

    “My grades can sometimes pay for me losing time to study when I have to go to practice or go play games.”, says  Sylveria Esiquia ,one 12th grade softball player

     Sleep is something that is a need for everyone, but for athlete that is something that can be hard to get. Most school athlete have to go to practice after school so by the time they get home it is late. Having to make up for the time they didn’t get to study or do homework ,they stay up late to do what is needed for the next day. Staying up this late can give them stress and affect how they perform in school.

     “When the school assigns too much work I stay up later to finish the work, but that causes me to lose sleep making me tired and really down in the morning and all day at school the next day,”says Ricardo Negron an 11th grade basketball player.

     Being healthy is another need but is sometimes hard for an athlete to manage. When teachers in school give too much work for the student to do and at the same time the student also has to worry about their sport.

   This gives a tremendous amount of stress. Being stressed can cause them to lash out or break down . Lack of sleep is another thing they can get . Not enough sleep affects their grades and health. This can make your body weak and feeling down

    “My health pays when I over work myself by trying to keep my grades on top and also wanting to perform my sport to the best of my ability.Overworking myself makes me very tired. I can get sick from being in so much stress making me very weak sometimes.”says Ricardo Negron.