Think Before You Mix

   In Chrisman, Illinois, on September 26, Skylar Neuman was rushed to the ER for chemical burns from trying to clean hair dye off her body.

   “I was told that a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser would help get the dye out,” Neuman said. “I also used what I had used before. I got peroxide and rubbing alcohol and put them onto the Magic Eraser, causing them to burn.”

   Some common household chemicals should never be mixed. They may produce a toxic or deadly compound, or they may cause undesirable consequences. Much like the chemical burns Neuman received from mixing different products with different chemicals. She had used a Magic Eraser and different hair dye – both of which she had not used before. 

   Chemical burns form when you mix two or more different chemicals that are not compatible. 

   “It was class color day, and my class color happened to be blue,” Neuman said.

   After the chemical reaction, Neuman’s parents called Poison Control and they recommended she be rushed to the ER, where they stayed for four hours. 

   Neuman was given a cream to make the burns less irritating.

   “They still burn, but they’re fine,” Neuman said. “And they’re still red.”

   Envision Commercial Cleaning says the main cleaner that can not be mixed with other cleaning agents is chlorine bleach.  The active ingredient in bleach is sodium hypochlorite, which can be corrosive to the skin and mucous membranes and can even cause severe injury to the eyes.