Are Students Entitled?

Have you ever had an allowance as a kid? In present day America , children receive a higher allowance than 50 years ago. This is due to parents making a higher wage than before and becoming easier with money.

70 percent of kids in America have an allowance according to the America Average Wage System (AAWS). This is almost one-third of the American population.

Most American teenagers make $780 per year according to an AAWS survey.

“I think a lot of kids are getting entitled and making more money due to the increase of social media,” said Abby Lindley, eighth grader.

Some 7-year-olds make $7 per week according to a Facebook survey. One parent from the survey asked, “Is this ok for a 7-year-old to know what money importance means yet?”

“I think it’s good for kids to learn about money importance. It can be very helpful in the future,” said Hope Vineora, eighth grader.

“I have an allowance.  I think it’s fair to everyone to have one. It teaches the importance of money and how to save money,” said Vineora.

More and more children are  receiving allowances these days. And according to research, they are barely doing chores. Children say it’s too much work and it’s unfair for them to make only X$ for their work.  

Nearly 40 percent of American youth agree with this statement, according to Webweekly.

“I think this is because parents are understanding what a kid means to them. They care for them and want them protected,” said Havery Salazar, eighth grader.

“I want to make enough money so I can support my wants and needs as a kid. Parents underestimate us kids on what is important to us,” said Sean Martinez, eighth grader.

With new gadgets out and more toys for kids to mess around with, youth want more money. 

Children toy prices has risen 40 percent since 1950.  From an average $4.49 to $7.50, according to WorldWideFacts.

“I knew prices would raise a bit from 70 years ago, but not that high,” Said Evan Beltran, seventh grader.. “I never imagined it to jump to that price.”

Some parents think it’s fair for an average wage to be based on their child’s age. The average allowance is higher from the past but still not enough for the day and age we live in. This is a topic very controversial with 2 views but both can agree that kids are making more money.