Serving Christmas Cheer


Alizabeth Valle

Students serve hot chocolate, baked goods and huge smiles at Central Office.

On Tuesday, Dec. 16, ALE, Meet in the Middle,  National Junior Honor Society, Journalism, and Choir student representatives went to Central Office to celebrate the Holiday season by serving hot chocolate, cookies, and a good helping of Christmas cheer.

“They did an awesome job! ” said Sandy Childress, Corbett Teacher. “They are probably a little tired.”

The ALE students have been serving coffee and other  goodies like freshly baked muffins since the beginning of the school year. Not only do teachers and other staff members enjoy the warm cup of java, they get it delivered right to their classroom door with a big smile.

“The benefit for ALE students running the coffee cart is that they get experience with job skills and social interactions,” said Childress. “That’s why we took them to Central Office, so that they have experiences outside of their classroom and the school.”