Petitions for Pajamas


Teachers often wonder if their students are learning what they’re being taught, and more importantly if they’re applying what they learn.

“In social studies we were talking about petitions, so I thought this was a way to make my idea happen,” said eighth grader Arianna Ballou. 

Ballou wanted to make Friday’s more eventful and she wanted for students to have something to look forward to. 

“I have a lot of pajamas, and thought maybe others have special pajamas that they wanted to wear, too,” said Ballou. “So I came up with us wearing pajamas on Fridays.” 

Ballou, in a bold move, asked Principal Ray if pajamas can be worn on Fridays by faculty, staff, and students. 

“I was more shocked, because we usually hear this from administration, not kids. It was also unique, because y’all are advocating for the student body of the school,” said Ray.

Principal Ray said Ballou needed to collect 100 signatures. If she did, he would approve her request. And in less than 4 hours, Ballou had all of the signatures she needed.

“I was super excited,” said Ballou. “I was glad that people actually did wear their pajamas and were willing to share in the fun.”

Ballou asked Principal Ray on November 9 if students and staff could wear their pajamas to school, and on Thursday, Nov. 11, Ballou and her friends collected 100 signatures. Pajama day was approved. Many wore their pajamas to school on Friday, Nov. 12. 

“It really surprised me to see that teachers did wear their pajamas to school, and that they were even participating in the event,” said Ballou. “It was a school thing, and not just a me thing. I felt happy that I had a say in a decision and made an impact on the school.”