Summer Camps at Risk of Not Reopening


Students Laci Reifenberg and Graycee Porter grew up going to summer camp together.

Summer camps across the country may not be reopened this summer due to Covid-19.

Katleyn Gobin, an upcoming counselor at Deer Creek said, “I think less campers and counselors will be attending summer camps this year because they may be scared of having such a little space to all social distance correctly.”

However, the CDC says that most camps will not allow as many people as before and will stay in the same groups with the same people while you are at camp.

“Having to wear masks may be the biggest problem when it comes to outdoors because most kids expect to be free outdoors. Now with masks you are feeling more restricted,” Gobin said.

Some psychiatrists say that the overnight and outdoor experiences might be just what some kids may need who have been suffering through months of isolation and anxiety. Without camps, kids will have no get away from the isolation and stress.

“I am kind of scared my camp may be closed down for longer than one summer,” Gobin said. “Because without this year’s money, Deer Creek may not have enough money to be open next summer.”

CNBC says 62 percent of camps have closed down this summer due to the Corona virus, and some may not open up again.

Ryan Drever, a camper at Deer Creek said, “I feel sad that I may not be able to spend time with my friends. Although I do understand with the given circumstances why it may not be a good idea to attend camp this year.”

It may be difficult to manage restrictions especially with kids if you eat, sleep, and play at camp. 

“I would be excited that I would get to go back to camp and see all of my friends again,” said Drever.

However, instructors, staff, counselors, and volunteers cannot work with multiple groups of people this year according to Covid-19 restrictions. Trying to stay safe and restrict exposing people if someone does have it would be difficult when dealing with over 100 kids.

“When I was first told I may not go to camp this summer and may not go to that exact camp again,” said Drever.

Some camps may not reopen ever again because with Covid-19, people are scared they may not want to come back, causing less funds. 

“If we can’t go back to summer camp, I will feel sad because I would miss everything I did at camp and all the friends I made,” said Drever.