Schools Reopen and Learning Continues


Tristan Perez

Seventh grader Riley Medinger works on a 2020 Year in Review project in journalism class.

On April 17th 2020, Texas allowed schools to shut down due to the Corona Virus. Schools slowly opened back up with strict precautions.

“Masks are required and social distancing, we can’t touch anything that isn’t ours,” Schlather Intermediate school student, Landon Martin said, “We have to eat lunch in tiny, little cubicles.”

1.5 billion kids were forced to stay home to prevent the spread of the virus that causes the Corona Virus, which is SARS-CoV-2.

“I selected going back to school this year,” Dobie student Sophia Smith said, “I learn better when someone helps me. School could continue to be like this until next year for all I know.”

“Remote learning definitely lies ahead, and it’s the parents’ choice on whether they want their kid remote or not,” Corbett Junior High principal, Rashad Ray said.

 At some schools, teachers are having a self check-in they need to do when they enter the school, if they are showing symptoms they cannot come to work. Some teachers miss interacting with the kids like they used to.

“In the past I would be much more hands on with students,” teacher, Alicia Casiano said, “Every extra minute I have I am checking on the virtual learners; seeing if I have any emails, remind messages, or comments in Google Classroom. I am also stretched thin with prep time since we are having to build a virtual program from scratch with no additional time to do this.

According to the Centers of Disease Control, the purpose of wearing a mask is to keep respiratory droplets from escaping your mask and infect others. However, masks that have one-way valves or vents allow air to be exhaled through the hole in the material, which can result in expelled respiratory droplets.

“We have the students wear masks waiting at the bus stops, they wear them at lunch, and even after school and outside as well because we don’t want them to get too close to each other,” Corbett Junior High principal, Rashad Ray said.

Parents were given the choice to either send their child back to school with known risks, or guaranteed safety from your own home. Many students were not given that choice in the beginning of the pandemic, and were forced to learn virtually.

“I chose to send my child back to school because I think that he is better at learning in a face to face environment, and because I want him to experience his first year at public school.” parent Tina Perez said.

Teachers use different methods due to the virus, such as Zoom, Google Classroom, ImagineMath, Padlet, Khan Academy, Nearpod, and interactive whiteboards. They must be creative with their devices.

“I think many things will continue to be different for longer than anyone wants,” math teacher, Alicia Casiano said, “I think learning and teaching will continue to both look different; and some of the new teaching and learning strategies and use of technology will become the norm. I hope the distant nature of this year does not persist.”