YouTuber Influences Youth

Sean Mcloughlin, a famous YouTuber named Jacksepticeye, influences millions of people by making different types of gaming videos. 

“I have been watching Jacksepticeye for about 5 years,” Darby Holliday said. “He has helped me through the rough stages in my life.” 

Sean Mcloughlin has made over 4 thousand videos on his YouTube channel over the span of 7 years.

“I know Jacksepticeye became successful from YouTube videos, YouTube advertisements, Twitch streaming, and Twitch donations,” Tristan Perez said. “He also makes money from other resources as well.”

Jacksepticeye has 23 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, over 6 million followers on Twitter, 7.2 million on Instagram, and 17.7 million on twitch.   

Perez said, “I know Sean Mcloughlin is a YouTuber and influencer. He makes money off of YouTube and Twitch and has made millions of dollars by doing so. He has made videos of video games. Sean Mcloughlin also goes by Jack or Jacksepticeye.”

Sean Mcloughlin has a girlfriend named Evelien Smolders also known as Gab.

Holliday said, “Jack has influenced me because he made me realize that I don’t have to be like anyone wants me to be, I should be myself.”

Sean is going to be in an upcoming film with Ryan Reynolds called Free Guy.

“I know that he did super well because not only did he raise 1.5 million dollars but he also interacted with the audience by dyeing his hair green but he also donated 200 thousand dollars of his own money from his own pocket for the Red Nose Day,” Holliday said about a recent charity livestream.