I'm an eighth grader at Corbett. Some facts about me are : My favorite food is either canes or chick fil a. I have 3 dogs, two Chihuahua's and one husky to be exact, and two horses. On my free time i enjoy being active or just messing around sometimes. Or, i'd keep myself busy or use my phone. My favorite show is grey's anatomy and my favorite youtuber is Emma Chamberlin. I also enjoy riding my horses on sundays and being with my family. My favorite holliday is for sure CHRISTMAS, because who doesn't like presents. My favorite things to do on my phone are to either use snapchat, instagram, imessage, or facetime. My favorite subject in school is either ela or math. Some things i hate are : rude people, cats, science, when my phone is on one percent and people who copy me. Three words to describe me are fun, enthusiastic, and outgoing.

Ashley Rodriguez, writer