My name is Gigi Etier (Georganna)!! I love yellow I've always loved yellow since I was little. I am very lazy in my free time I usually sleep or lay in my bed and watch Netflix. I love Billie Eilish, Trippie Red and Juice Wrld. I always watch Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star and Emma Chamberlain. My favorite tv shows are The Walking Dead, Riverdale and On my Block. I have 5 scrunchies "i am cooler than u!" Add me on snap @savagegigi49 and follow my Instagram @gigi_peppapig_ismy_mom. Also I day dream a lot I know thats not very important but I thought I would just add that. When I day dream its normal weird stuff or its almost lie I can see the future I know that I cant but I feel like I can. I also have Deja Vo I think thats how you spell but idk. I am also trying to learn how to skateboard so now no one can call me a poser or a try hard. I love vans too I have 5 pairs. Thanks Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gigi Etier, writer