Since you've wasted your time deciding to read this, I guess I should give you some useless information about myself. At the moment I am attending middle school, aka a very dull and uneventful place. I enjoy eating unhealthy foods and staying up late which is probably why I'm so tired all the time. I also like to draw and I hope in the future I will be able to make a living off of my art (although probably not). In my free time I watch TV or go on different social media platforms. I'd have to say my favorite show is a Japanese animation called Hunter x Hunter (2011). I really recommend watching it; it's like, really good. I own a cat, who I love very much and a fish, that I don't love all too much. I also have a bamboo plant which I am very fond of. I hate cheese with a burning passion.

Kayla Ledoux, Writer

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