My names Ollie I like to play basketball a lot I play for school  and I play outside of school I just love the sport and one day maybe get drafted to the Lakers #31 be on the look out. I like mexican amd chinese food I dont know why but everything about them is just so good. I play other sports but only at school like football (#31) and I run track, i run the 4oo meter dash and would like to run the 200 too. My favorite movies are disney movies I absolutely love the lion king my all time favorite move, I like real like movies too like Creed 2 was really good maybe my favorite real life movie.I keep going back to sports sorry lol I just love sports all around and my favorite basketball player all time is Kobe Bean Bryants. 20 years with the lakers... hes my idol, inspiration, my dad

Ollie Franco, Writer