I'm in 8th grade, I really dislike school I only like my friends and lunch time. I'm not in any sports or extra curricular because school is already a lot and teachers give us way too much homework which is hard because i wannabe able to do own stuff on my own time. I really like spending money, going shopping , hanging with friends and family, sleeping and eating. I like buying and trying on clothes because they look so good on me and i feel like i can be a whole model. I am verryyyy goofy and talkative and if i start talking i most likely wont be able to stop because i can just go on and on and forget the other person needs to talk to but anyways that's who i am and if you don't me than too bad because none of us are perfect and i'm not gonna change myself to please anyone because i like the way i am. ;)

Paxton Witherspoon, writer

Dec 11, 2018
Horrifying homework (Story)