Heyy my name is TaNasia i'm a 8th grade athlete.

  • i play basketball and i run track...aka fastest out of all girls

  • i love scary movies and 90's cartoon  (can you keep a secret? okay well i'm not from the 90's!! SHAME)                        i Love love love to go shopping and spend my mom money hahahaha i also want to be a choreographer dance that is what i plan to do in collage.....Okay okay i sound boring lets get it shapoppin so like i'm a very goofy person and i love making my friends laugh, ummmmm i really don't like school but the good thing is that i'm cool with teachers and the principals so between me an you i GET AWAY WITH THINGS ssshhhh okay well im just kidding.....i'm done here BYEEEE!!!

TaNasia Gulatt, writer

Dec 11, 2018
Drama Affects Friends, Grades, Attitude (Story)