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Something to know about me is that I LOVE k-pop, yes I'm one of those girls. But no I'm not that into BTS, I stan in total 36 groups, I know that's crazy and I'm quite proud of it. But don't get me wrong, I like some American musicians too. Now, you'd probably say that since I love k-pop that I'd learn Korean and...yes. I am in fact learning the language and doing really well!

Another thing you should know is that I love eating, I mean, who doesn't?! Any food from sushi to sweets, I love it all haha! Okay, simple stuff you should know is my favorite color is purple, I have 3 cats and 2 siblings (brother & sister), and I also am kinda into anime. Anime, I was obsessed with it last year but kpop is my new thing, I even started learning Japanese at some point, NO I'm not a weeaboo!! I'm out of that stage..ha..

Well, goodbye! Hope you enjoyed this profile of mine!

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Lisette Arenivas