Shopping Centers: Beneficial or Detrimental?

We might love shopping centers because they are a convenient way to get our goods, but the Cibolo Crossing shopping center might become a problem for the communities of Schertz and Cibolo. Shopping centers like these destroy the small business community, cause job displacement, and generate trash and harmful chemicals.

“I don’t see many small businesses anymore,” said Charlotte Reichner

Job displacement is a major problem that shopping centers cause. When a large shopping center is built, employees from existing businesses will flock to the shopping center for work, leaving the existing businesses with a shortage of workers, according to John Robertson and James Fennell.

Another problem that shopping centers cause is that the shopping centers sales come at the expense of existing businesses. A study in Iowa found that Wal-Mart stores acquire an average of 84 percent of the sales they make from businesses already in the community.

Shopping centers can impact the environment in major ways. Shopping centers usually have large parking lots, and when cars drive slowly, they can put lots of harmful gasses in the air. Also, many shopping centers have dry cleaners, which use chemicals that are toxic to humans, according to the Environmental Pollution Centers.

“When I go to a shopping center, I see hundreds of cars,” said Macey Romoff

The final problem with shopping centers is crime. Failing and closed down malls require extra police and fire protection and are targets for vandalism, arson, trespassers, and trash dumping, which can eventually affect the community around it by lowering property values and increasing violence and burglary, according to the Great American Insurance Group.

Some students are still excited for the shopping centers, though. “They are good because you get to shop and explore new shops and the stores change,” said Alonzo Maldonado.

There were also a number of stores that students were hoping for, such as, Subway, Walmart, and Target,  said Ryder Jones.