Do Video Games Affect Students Grades?

Emily Worley, writer

You probably play video games. But does it make it harder to do school work?

Video games can make it hard for students to work. They aren’t healthy for working students. They can cause procrastination. Some students don’t even do their homework because of video games.

“I do my homework first, but only because I’m told to,” says a seventh grader.

Playing video games excessively does affect students concentrating. Video games can attract kids attention from their homework. They could wait to do their homework after playing for an hour or so.

“I always make sure my child does her homework first, because video games are so easy to access with phones and technology these days,” says one of the parents of Corbett Junior High.

Parents are worried about their students grades.

Their kids are being consumed by video games and electronics. Some parents, though, don’t let their child play video games, or they have a time limit and rules. Good idea. Parents also only let their child play on the weekends.

Despite the belief that parents worry about video games and their students grades, one source states that her parents do not worry because she’s passing all her classes.