Pros and Cons of At-home Learning

Online learning works for some, but not for others. Some parents prefer to have their child at home during pandemic, while others prefer that their child learn inside of a classroom.

“Being at school is better for me because I am there for the lesson instead of me assuming what the lesson is about,” said Seth Turner.

For some, at home learning feels incomplete like you are missing out on the lesson or falling behind in class.

“I don’t really want my daughter to go back to school, if she gets sick with Covid, so do I and then we both have to quarantine,” said Ms. Newman, the mother of an eighth grade student.

A lot of students prefer going to school but there are positives to staying at home. For example, you have more time to finish your work, you can wear what you want unless you have zoom conferences, and you chose your schedule and breaks. 

“One of the things I liked about at-home learning was the hours, I could choose my hours,” Turner said.

Being at home all day gave you a lot of opportunities to take up new hobbies or relax more even though it has caused a lot of people to be on their phones all day.

“Helping with online homework and trying to work the websites were the hardest part for me as a parent,” said Newman.

The reality for a lot of parents is they work all day and aren’t home when their child is doing school work, so they are not there to help. And if they are home, they might not understand it themselves.

“At school you get more hands-on experience and the teachers are there to help you,” said Newman.

Most students agree that learning at school is easier to understand the topic at hand. And at home, some feel like they aren’t learning anything or understanding it.

“The hardest part of being at home was being alone and not having friends to interact with,” said Turner.

Families have been through a lot this year and with the kids staying home it has been a challenge for many families.

“But I enjoy spending more time with my daughter,” said Newman, “Even though it’s been a tough year there were some highlights.”