Game Central: A Gamer’s Dream


Every Thursday for an hour and a half after school, in the school library students play video games, WII sports, board games, card games, table tennis, and even Dungeons and Dragons.

“Every kid needs a place to belong,” Mr. Ricondo, the school librarian said. “Some kids aren’t in sports or band and they need a place to fit in.”

Over 100 kids are in Game Central. Students have to apply to participate in the after school program and must be passing all of their classes, and may not have disciplinary referrals. The first 60 seventh and 60 eighth graders to apply, were admitted into the club. “It’s a first come, first serve organization,” said Ricondo.

“I started Game Central about 15 years ago when I was working at a high school and I think it has been here for about 12  years,” said Ricondo.

The type of games being played usually depends on the types of students that are in the club. The video games are rated E or teen only, with the exception of Halo – a multiplayer game.

“Game central is a fun club where students can play with their friends,” said Ricondo.

It has four school sponsors: School counselor Mr. Villarreal, STEM teacher Mr. Casiano, Tech App teacher Mr. Hernandez, and school librarian Mr. Ricondo.

The club meets after school on Thursdays in the library from 3:15-5:00. Seventh and eighth grade alternates every other Thursday.