Joining the Military has Benefits

I don’t know about you, but these days, I don’t hear high school students talking about joining the military. Instead I hear too much about students wanting to be the next college football star or dreams to be in the NBA, going to law school, or nursing school. But what about the military?

Being in the military can earn you many benefits. For example, to escape debt or pay for education, high school graduates can join the military. Attending any college can be expensive, and if you are serving in the military, they will more than likely offer you a free tuition.

Eighth grade history teacher Shannon Prentiss said, “The military encouraged going to school and it was free for the most part. I already had my bachelor’s degree, but I was able to get 2 other degrees while I was in. The University of Oklahoma offered a Master’s degree that I achieved while I was in school.” 

The opportunity to learn responsibility, focus, and discipline is what the military also has to offer. Those between the ages of 18 and 29 are in a transitional period from adolescence to adulthood. The military can help with that. 

Prentiss said, “I wanted structure, stability, a chance to further my education, and a chance to travel the world.” She also said that her family supported her choice in joining the military because it was the best way for her to become a responsible adult.

Some other benefits include the cost of living allowance, clothing allowance, free medical and dental benefits, education money, life insurance, and so much more. But serving in your country’s military unfortunately comes with some risks as well.

Prentiss said, “Every military member risks being called into an armed conflict. As long as you wear the uniform, no matter your job, you can be called to fight at any time.”

Less than 1 percent of the United States population serves in the military today. These men and women risk their lives everyday to keep us and our country safe. So if you’re thinking that you want to attend college for free and have free health care, consider the military.