Investing in Others is a Life Skill

Each day during PRIDE-time, Meet in the Middle club members leave their classrooms to work with ALE (Alternative Learning Environment) students.  

“Meet in the Middle is a club that helps the campus by doing activities that promote diversity and character education,” said Ms. Herring, 7th grade applied LIT and ELA teacher. 

This club is designed for students of all ages. For example, you can be 7-years-old  or 19 and still participate in Meet in the Middle. As long as you have a heart to help ALE students with school work or projects, you can join.

“Meet in the Middle can help you find your career path,” said Herring. “It isn’t just a school club, it can be beneficial for your future. You can find your passion by helping other children.”

The club meets on the first Tuesday of every month in room F212. Students talk about their achievements and how they can continue to learn and grow. 

“This club is amazing,” said McKenzie Suarez. 

Interested students can join the club by simply by going to room F212, filling out a permission slip, and once approved, students are free to start helping other students. 

“In this club, you can learn leadership and simple life skills,” said Herring.