School functions at Corbett jr. high

Anna Le, writter

Everyone loves school functions and supporting your school, so you’ll enjoy going to these events happening here at Corbett jr. high.

At 4:30 pm on October 25th the girls basketball will have their first game against Metzger. WOW! What an excitement. The 7th grade game will be at Metzger and the 8th grade game will be at Corbett.


 Ms.Garcia said,  “ I really like when the crowd gets into cheering at the events.”


On October 26 at 5:30pm through 8:30pm there will be our annual Geektoberfest, our first school dance which is sponsored by Game Central. The dance will take place in the Corbett cafeteria. It will be such an exciting night!


November 1st at 4:30PM A and B team will have their first and last football game against Dobie. 7th grade will be at Corbett and 8th grade will be at Dobie.


Ms.Garcia said, “ I love showing my school spirit and supporting students.”