Bullying Ends Now

Alexa Riojas and writer

There are many types of bullying like cyber bullying, physical bullying,verbal bullying and many more which we should try to prevent.


  Bullying  or being bullied is not fun.If you are getting bullied you need to talk  to someone.As students, we need to stick together, if you see someone getting bullied you need to help.You can ask them what is happening or tell the bully it is not right to disrespect them.There is  always someone there for you.Most bullies will abuse others because they have something going on in their mind and just need to be supported or talk to someone.


“ I can help!  The counseling office takes bullying very seriously and if you feel you are being bullied, we encourage you to come in and talk to us soon as possible,” counselor,  Mr.Villarreal stated.


 There are so many types of bullying and they are all bad. You can also bully yourself by comparing yourself to others.Many people have been bullied in some way in their life which is really sad.


“It seems that there are many opportunities to experience [bullying],with social media creating a 24/7 means of bullying,”counselor Mr.Villarreal expressed.  

Bullying affects the entire school.As a school and community we need to not allow bad things to consume people’s good.Teachers need to be there for education but also to listen to their students.Students and teachers really just have to respect everyone because we are all different.If you see anyone sad,  try to make their day or be a positive impact.


”No one should bully someone for being themselves so there are no positives to bullying,”a 7th grade student stated.