JS2S club supporting military students

Caitlyn Nace, writer

Corbett Jr High has a lot of military connected students. Having a mother or father or  anyone who has a relative that is in the military knows how hard it is being a military child. 30% of Corbett students are military connected and understand this struggle. So that’s why JS2S is there.                  


JS2S stands  for Junior Student to Student. The club is open for anyone to join .JS2S is very service oriented and they do not disclude anyone for any reason. For example something like low grades. Once a year JS2S brings some of their members to a training .


”Mrs.Moore invited me to the training last year and I became interested and I joined the club,” said Carissa Calhoun, 8th grader


During the club meetings JS2S members  normally talk about ways they can help military  connected students transition into a new school.JS2S tours new students around making sure they know where their locker is and their classes along with a friend they know they can come too if they need help.

”The most fun thing about being in Js2s is helping people, because it makes  me feel good,” said Carissa Calhoun,8th grader

”We opened the program up to all students and because it was a new program we got the minimum and it grew from there,” said Mrs.Moore,8th grade science teacher